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The audio engineers at Suite16 are some of the best people to be working with in a music recording studio. All of our talented engineers have several years of experience working with music of all types and will perfect the vision you have in mind.


Victor, aka MixedbyVic, was born and raised in Miami, Florida. His passion for music began from just always being surrounded by it. His older brothers would leave their music tapes around for him to mess with. That initial interest would eventually lead on to him rapping, making beats, and tracking other people in his bedroom. 

Now Victor has 7 years of professional engineering experience under his belt, and Suite16 has been his home for about 4 years. 

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Wyatt website photo.png

Wyatt, aka Filthy Nasty, was born in Columbus, Ohio. He is 23 years old and has been engineering for 4 years. When Wyatt first got into music he started off making beats and producing. That led into him engineering.

Wyatt has now been working at Suite16 for 2 years.


Brandyn is born and raised in Tampa, Florida and he is 22 years young. Since he was in school Brandyn knew he wanted to be a professional basketball player or be a music producer. After his last year of basketball in high school, he decided he wanted to take his production more seriously so he attended a production school called, "First Institute." His school ended early because of covid, so Brandyn started working a job and making beats on his free time.

After about a year passed by, Brandyn's passion for music made him realize it is what he needed to pursue and now Suite16 has been his home for about half a year.

Brandyn website photo_edited.png


Nils was born in New York City and is 31 years young. He started recording music at 13 in his basement in New Jersey, and in 2011 he graduated from the Sound Audio Engineering Institute of Technology NYC. Nils plays several instruments including guitar, bass, drums, and piano and has been working as a musician and producer for over 13 years in New York City and Los Angeles. He was also featured on an HBO show where he played guitar for actress Jackie Cruz. 

Nils is now at Tampa, Florida in his first year with Suite16 as his new home.

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Win was born and raised in Florida. He first started as an artist and eventually took on engineering so he can make his own sound better. Since then he has been engineering professional and has been doing so for more than 5 years.

Win has been an engineer at Suite16 since 2018.

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